Punda Malidadi

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


1. Random quotes from my writing teacher:

  • "We're going to watch a few clips today. I brought a really obscure documentary about Kennedy during the Cuba crisis, one about Clinton during the Lewinski crisis, and 'Cops- too hot for TV'."

  • "My theory is that Peter Mansbridge has been dead for years. They just keep wheeling him in there."

  • "I like it how Clinton said 'inappropriate relationship'. I mean, say, if I came to class with a T-shirt saying Porn Star every day, that would be inappropriate. But try and stop me."

2. My health.

I must be allergic to something. Or, I have a brain tumor. Or, I'm a hypochondriac. I'd say the chances are 60:5:35.

And, don't ever bother to go to the health centre. They will make you wait 2 hours and 15 minutes, then listen to your symptoms, then say: "I have no idea what's wrong with you. Let's wait and see if it doesn't go away on its own."

Well, thank you very much.


Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[1:59 AM, January 27, 2005]
This will cure you.-chris
Blogger Catrin wrote:
[8:04 AM, January 27, 2005]
Why thanks, Chris. I feel much better already!
Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[9:17 PM, January 27, 2005]
Should I bring enchiladas to the party on Saturday?
Blogger Catrin wrote:
[9:28 PM, January 27, 2005]
OH! Yes! But maybe a tad less spicy this time. I will be there until 10 only though, because then I will proceed to Scholar's to celebrate the beginning of my 25th year on this planet.

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