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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Reasons why....

I find it good that the world is engaged in a huge dick measuring contest.

1. The victims don't give a f**k, quite frankly, where the money comes from, much less what motivation was behind it.

2. There is no altruistic act. Donating money is always a feel good act; it just happens on a bigger scale now.

3. Just the simple fact that an amount of donation is considered to be something worthwile of being better at than other countries is a step in the right direction. Think Olympics, Hockey, and their connection to National pride. I'll take this dick measuring contest instead any day.

That being said, I will probably go donate for a different cause, so that those won't be forgotten.


Blogger Heather wrote:
[8:42 PM, January 14, 2005]
I totally agree that the volume of donations is commendable...perhaps it is he way the media is focusing in who's giving what and who's given more, that gets my back up....Sometimes I really hate the main-stream media.
And how the dick-measuring contest became the story, which took the focus off, in my opinion, the real tragedy.

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