Punda Malidadi

Monday, July 17, 2006

Luck be a Lady- Zuerst haben wir kein Glueck, und dann kommt auch noch Pech dazu.

I have had the worst string of petty bad luck in a long time. I mean, none of the things that happened to me are actually really bad, and I fell a bit silly complaining about trivial happenings like that, but they really add up after a while.

In the last week, I have:
  • bought a new food processor and broke a tiny but essential part off the first time I assembled it.
  • baked a pecan-mango-yoghurt torte and then dropped a plate into it.
  • found an aquarium in the basement, decided to fill it with fish, made a trek to the pet store to buy some equipment, and then broke the aquarium.
  • bummed a ride to buy a new aquarium because I'd been really looking forward to the fish, forgot to buy gravel, and therefore couldn't fill it.
  • went to buy gravel, filled the aquarium, and broke the thermometer, which means I'll have made 5 trips to the pet store by the time I have fish in that tank.
  • plugged the bath tub with aquarium gravel when I filled the aquarium- the plumber is upstairs as I write this.

I also fully expect that plumber to die in my bathtub. He is probably 80 years old("We've been using him for years!", my landlord says proudly), he caughed up something big while I talked to him on the phone, and let me tell you, he really made use of that hand rail when he walked up the stairs.

But man, if I believed in things evening out, I'd be out buying a lottery ticket right now. As it stands, though, I'm staying inside, and out of busses' ways.