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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Comrade Don Camillo

What a great book. Don Camillo has conversations with Jesus throughout. And by conversations I mean direct speech, quotation mark kind of conversations. Dialogues.

Prime Example:

"Lord," said Don Camillo, "he[Peppone]'s gone a bit too far, and I shall destroy him!"
"Don Camillo," said the crucified Christ over the altar, "they went a bit too far when they hung me up on this cross, but I managed to forgive them."
"But they didn't know what they were doing! Peppone had his eyes wide open and deserves no pity."
"Look here, Don Camillo," Christ retorted; "ever since Peppone became a Senator haven't you been particularly hard on him?"
These words hit home, and Don Camillo resented them.
"You wouldn't say that, Lord," he protested, "if you knew me a little better."

The plot revolves around communist mayor Peppone winning 10 Million Liras in the lottery and not willing to share them with the masses, and the resulting need to keep his wealth secret, and Don Camillos very unchristian intrigues to expose Peppone's hypocrisy. Highly recommended, it is the 7th book in the DonCamillo and Peppone series.

Other than that, I am in a frenzy of downloading German music.

Also, in the light of recent, extremely horrible developments, I will make a little detour in the country of the day order, which was supposed to be alphabetical(sorry, Andorra):

Country of the day: Republic of Indonesia

chief of state & head of government: President Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO

capital: Jakarta

Per Capita GDP(PPP): $3,200

Issues: watch the news, goddamnit.

Also: Indonesia and East Timor contest the sovereignty of the uninhabited coral island of Palau Batek/Fatu Sinai.


Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[7:58 PM, December 26, 2004]
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel is awesome. Turboawesome. A friend happened to drop by today, so we roasted some vegetables, played soccer with my rabbit and watched the movie. And while I have several friends that understand German, the one that dropped by wasn't one of them, so we only managed to pick out the really easy words. Was Aschenbrödel giving the prince a riddle at the dance, and did she give him the answer at the end?

That was a really fun movie. But the third hazelnut was such a waste. Why did she have to dress up in a fancy fancy gown just to go outside and meet the prince?

The stocky boy was hilarious. Now my friend wants the DVD so she can understand the dialogue.

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