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Friday, December 24, 2004

This post has nothing to do with Christmas.

...but was inspired by Zita's blog. Who must be cool, because she found my post on the webboard about Roman's countersummit funny. And if somebody would tell me how to link from the body of my blog post, I would link to both Zita and the webboard thread now. But I don't know how to, so I can't.

Anyways, here are 22 questions that I answered about myself. Best Christmas Eve ever.

Name three names you go by:

1) Catrin
2) Catrin
3) Catrin

Hey, it didn't say three *different* names.

Name three screen names you've had

1) catrin_berghoff
2) elisa.day(anyone know what song that's from?)
3) beloved_monster(and this one?)

Name three things you like about yourself

What, only three? Alright.

1) My grammar.
2) My spelling.
3) My GPA.

Name three things you don't like about yourself

What, only three? Alright.

1) My inability to do more than 3 things at once.
2) My inability to read books in the bathtub without getting them wet.
3) My complete disinterest in 99.99% of humanity other than as an abstract concept.

Name three parts of your heritage

1) German
2) Polish
3) um...Elitist?

Wait, that sounds awful in connection with the German.

Name three things that scare you

1) disease and death of loved ones
2) conventionality
3) large numbers of people, especially dumb ones

Name three of your everyday essentials

1) the internet
2) humour
3) food

Name three things you are wearing right now

1) A bathrobe.

um. sorry.

Name three of your favorite bands or artists

1) the Eels
2) the weakerthans
3) Charlie Parker

Name three of your favorite songs at this moment:

1) You shook me all night long(AC/DC)
2) Lola (The Kinks)
3) I know what I know (Paul Simon)

Name three new things you want to do in the next 12 months

1) leave this continent for at least a month or two.
2) read the dictionary. Or buy a proper dictionary, for that matter.
3) memorize all countries with their leaders, capitals, main cities, rivers, landmarks, and current issues.

Today: The Republic of Albania.

President: Alfred MOISIU

Main city and capital: Tirana.

Can't find any rivers on that map.

Current issues: treatment of ethnic Albanians in neighbouring countries; major drug transshipment point in Europe; trafficking of people.

(Source: CIA World Factbook)

Name three things you want in a relationship (love is a given)

1) Passion
2) Honesty
3) Spontaneity

Name two truths and one lie

1) I believe in love.
2) I believe in humanity.
3) I believe in principles.

On some days though, these are two lies and one truth.

Name three things about the opposite sex that attract you

1) Intelligence
2) Sense of humour
3) a strong jawline

By the way, what an incredibly politically incorrect phrasing of a question.

Name three things you just can't do

1) Sing
2) Not laugh when something strikes me as funny
3) feign interest

Name three of your hobbies

1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Games(Board-, Card-, Mind-)

Name three things that you want really badly right now

1) Be with my family
2) My mom's food
3) Swim in the ocean. One that's above 15 C, preferably.

Name three careers you're considering

1) University Professor("She's harsh, but fair.")
2) Journalist/Writer( "I never laughed so hard in my life.")
3) Bum on the beach ( "I wish I had the guts to just enjoy life like that.")

In a perfect world, I'd be working as a freelance journalist while on sabbatical from university travelling the world in my houseboat.

Name three places you want to go on vacation to

1) Sub-Saharan Africa
2) Iceland
3) Egypt

Name three potential kids' names

1) Victoria
2) Paul
3) I only plan to have one. So I'm covered.

Name three things you want to do before you die

1) Get arrested without a proper reason for something political( Look, I *know* that that's childish. No need to point it out.)
2) visit all continents on a year long backpacking trip around the world(Is anyone interested? I plan to do this 2006/07).
3) Write a book.

Name three people who have to take this quiz now or die painfully

1) Sam.
2) Andros.
3) Any one else who reads it and ever wants me to speak to them again( i.e., a very select and elite group of people, but you know who you are).


Blogger Andros wrote:
[12:51 AM, December 25, 2004]
Catrin, I think I might have to die painfully because I am not willing to take the test now. I am suprised that I am number two on the list? When I come back to Edmonton, then I will take the test. At the moment, I am setting an iMac G5 for my friend.
Blogger Sam wrote:
[12:19 AM, December 27, 2004]
Oh my god. I can't believe you named me. That's so sweet, it gives me somethign to do for the next half an hour.
Blogger Baaba wrote:
[11:48 PM, January 05, 2005]
I noticed my name is not on that list... or am I refered to as part of the "elite." You probably think I'm dead because I haven't spoken to you, but alas... I'm still alive - just trapped in my parents house with a damn slow computer (I can prepare a meal and come back to a computer that's still loading)... maybe I'll do survey when I'm back in Edmonton

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