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Saturday, January 29, 2005

More about life and math

...or how to get the most change when going grocery shopping.

I happen to live right nearby the wonderful family foods grocery store on Jasper Avenue and 117th street. It is a charming little store full of senior citizens and pubescent or retired cashiers, and I appreciate its proximity. Most of the time, however, I go there to get laundry change.

A few weeks ago, they put up a sign:


Who do they think they are? Did they think they could prevent me from getting their change?

Muahaha....(evil laugh, that is)

Here goes:

1. Pick up a basket and select the desired products. Do not forget to memorize their prices.

2. When at the checkout, sort them into two piles. One is, of yourse, "for your roommate".

3. Here is where the math comes in: Sort them in a way that maximizes your quarter and loonie turnout. When calculating, do not forget about the GST. Naturally, the totals should always have a cent amount between 1 and 25( unless you have a few pennies you want to get rid of, then it can be up to 29); the dollar amount depends on which bill you are paying with. For bills other than $5, make it an even number; for $5 bills, it has to be an uneven dollar amount.
This technique provides you with exactly $1.75 in change(the standard price in Edmonton for either a wash/dry load).

4. If you need even more, pay calmly, then exclaim: Oh, no! I forgot the newspaper! The weekend edition of the Edmonton Journal costs 1.07 including tax. Pay with a $5 bill- perfect, there is another three quarters and a loonie.

And don't worry about them catching on. Last time I bought 4 yoghurts, and paid them separately(63 cents each, 1.26 total, I had two spare pennies- perfect). And guess what? I forgot the damn paper too.


Blogger Sam wrote:
[2:55 PM, January 30, 2005]
I really hope I do get the chance to live with you and your evil genius.
Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[1:23 PM, November 04, 2005]
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