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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Some people still surprise me

Like my sister's American ex-boyfriend.

Not only is he a conservative chemical engineer who likes to own guns and is part of the National Guard, but he also just agreed to father his lesbian friend's child(it took them two weekends and I've been trying to picture what it would be like sleeping with someone who's really grossed out by your...equipment. Conclusion: very awkward, but there's some humour in the situation).

I'm also pretty sure he voted Bush.

Thanks for making my day, David, and I'll come see you sometime in Boston, where you will hopefully enlighten me as to the thought process that was behind this.


Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[1:31 PM, November 24, 2004]
I can't beat that! that's too random to be true, almost.

Blogger Catrin wrote:
[12:39 PM, November 25, 2004]
Bryn: you're also one of the few people who surprise me occasionally. Thanks for that.
Blogger Andros wrote:
[8:05 PM, November 25, 2004]
This story reminds me of a friend of mine who thought that he had an opportunity to impregnate lots of Mennonite women. To make a long story short, he ended up in a room with a plastic container and porn.
Blogger Bogg wrote:
[11:24 PM, November 25, 2004]
Plastic containers, Mennonites and porn? Sounds like a typical Friday night.

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