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Friday, November 19, 2004

Hypotheses, correlation, and cause&effect

Hypothesis 1: History repeats itself.

It is fall in a US election year. I am in North America, and dye my hair red. I meet someone. Bush wins the election, and that someone proceeds to be physically, but not intellectually unavailable to me.
(I'm pretty damn sure though that I will break at least part of this pattern in 2008. So god help us.)

Also, I've established correlation, but can someone help me with cause and effect here?

Hypothesis 2: Whenever I don't bother to go to class, it is either cancelled or would have sucked anyways.

Wait, that might be a truism.


Blogger Andros Lost In Translation wrote:
[8:16 PM, November 19, 2004]
Check out Dr. Festinger's "Theory of Cognitive Dissonance" or you can just ask yourself whether US poltics in North America enables you to follow the disciplines of femininity better. Thereofere, the signifier "Bush" has a sexual connotation to it which is the catalyst to your need to mate. Maybe, if nobody says the word "Bush" to you in 2008, the need to mate will not be there? The cause: Politics and the word "Bush" stimulates your mind; the effect....the need to mate. It is a possibility but it sounds too simple.
Blogger Sam wrote:
[4:23 PM, November 21, 2004]
Considering Bush can't win 2008 I think you're good.

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