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Thursday, November 11, 2004

having a bad day? Read this!

Things that have happened to me during the last 52 hours:

1. Monday 8am: fought with my roommate about whether or not she could put up a PC party campaign poster in our living room. Forgot that I had to print out four versions of my essay for my creative writing class, and wasn't in a position to ask her whether I could use her computer and printer after I threatened to put up a pro choice sign next to Don Weideman's face.

2. Monday 9pm: that's when my creative writing class started, but I was in Rutherford trying to print out four versions of my essay. I only had enough money on my one card to print out three, two of which were without title page. Also had no stapler, came to class 20 minutes late. Was welcomed by my teacher with the words: "Oh hi Catrin, are you sober today?"
But you know what was the best thing about it? When I realized the essay wasn't due until wednesday.

3. Monday 11pm: broke up with my boyfriend whom I moved to Canada for and had been with for 3 years. Ouch.

4. Tuesday 9am: I realize that I neither have my bus pass nor my wallet on me, and have to bum a bus ticket off someone.

5. Tuesday 11am: I forgot to pack food and had no money(see point 4). Unfortunately, I am hypoglycemic, so I am forced to steal a pack of sugar from the Java Jive in tory in order to keep myself from fainting. Well, at least it was brown sugar.

6. Tuesday 1.30pm: I have an appointment with a personal trainer that I made in one of my more foolish moments back in september. Forgot to bring a lock, but, lucky me, find one lying open on the floor. Decide to use it to 'pretend lock' my locker. When I come back I manage to goof it up so it locks on me. Have to ask an Eastern European athlete 6' 4'' woman to open the lock that is not mine with huge wirecutters. Not only were my belongings completely unsafe during the whole time I worked out, but I also managed to randomly destroy someone else's property. That poor person will probably wonder eternally what kind of nutcase cut her lock to leave it there for her to find.
Kind of reminded me of that time when I showed someone my original Eastern German cold war stainless steel handcuffs and then realized that i forgot my keys...in Germany. Well, the guy at the Canadian tire who helped me out had a good laugh.

7.Tuesday 5pm: desperately looking for distraction, I head for 2-900 SUB and Sam's office. Wishing there was a meeting I could go to, but unable to find one, i just bum around campus for hours. When I come home I realize I missed my Access Fund Board meeting at ....5pm.

8.Wednesday 11am: Being annoyed by my economics professor who describes the drawbacks of cutting food subsidies as "the poor will have a harder time doing well". Want to scream :" As in, they STARVE!?!" But all I end up doing is misusing questions to bring more information into the debate - one of the many useful things I've learned in council. When he seems sufficiently pissed off, I remember that he is supposed to write me a really important reference. So much for that.

9. Wednesday 1o pm: lose in monoply against Steve Smith AND my friend's crazy roommate Bryn who didn't even try. Realize that I sold my dinner to a fellow player for 300 Dollars in monopoly money that I legally own myself.

Questions that come to my mind:

1.What is the point of this story?
2. Will it get better any time soon?
3. Is self pity contagious?
4. Can any one beat this?


Blogger Nick wrote:
[7:42 PM, November 11, 2004]
I can answer #4 with a clear affirmative, but will not do so in public. I admire your courage in sharing.
Blogger Steve wrote:
[1:13 AM, November 12, 2004]
I can't answer any of them, but I'd like to note that I've been asking #1 on my own blog for eight months, to no avail. Welcome to bloggery.
Blogger Sam wrote:
[9:50 AM, November 12, 2004]
Thanks to your story I now have the courage to continue my day.
And Catrin, I'm always in my office, don't eat sugar packets from Java Jive, come borrow five dollars for geesus sake.
Although it did make the story that much better :)

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