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Monday, November 22, 2004

The local selection committee...

...for the seminar in Burkina Faso was very impressed by me, and my application goes to Ottawa! One down, one to go - and by that I mean committees. Only, the next one doesn't get to meet me. All they have is what I wrote. And I wrote that last Sunday while still mildly drunk...but hey, the local guys liked it.
So, now I get to wait until December 15 to find out.


Blogger Andros wrote:
[6:00 PM, November 23, 2004]
Das ist sehr gut!! (That is all the German I remember at the moment, forgive me if I spelled anything wrong)
First Burkina Faso, then the world......hmmm....
I wish you well.
Blogger Catrin wrote:
[10:50 AM, November 24, 2004]
No spelling mistakes there. I'm impressed. Now, though, was this a German-takes-over-the-world joke though? I think you can do better than that :-)
Blogger Andros wrote:
[11:40 AM, November 24, 2004]
Catrin, I wish I could tell better jokes but really, I believe in your vision for the world. (I am going to stop here because you know how my imagination works.) Dream the dream awake Catrin. Burkina Faso is the first step......

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