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Saturday, November 20, 2004

My very first (half)Hockey game

I went to a Golden Bears Hockey game tonight, with my room mate and an American Christian church group from Louisiana. I even managed to stay until about halfway through the game.

"So, you are from Germany?"
"Yep."(Stop talking to me)
"I know a guy from Germany."
"Oh." (Good for you)
"Where from in Germany?"
"Bavaria."(Not that you know what that means)
"Is Berlin in Bavaria?"
"No."(seriously, stop talking to me)

I'm hoping that evenings like this are not indicative of the single life. I am also a little bit worried about my hatred for random people; I suspect it's not healthy. Most people like others until they do something to deserve their dislike. I seem to work the other way around. On the other hand, I am hellbent on making this world a better place. I am a charitable misanthrope, so to speak. Or just socially challenged. The jury is still out.


Blogger Sam wrote:
[4:20 PM, November 21, 2004]
I also dislike random people.
I don't think it works the way you described for most people though, I think most people have a distrust of people until they prove otherwise.

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