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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kresh2, red lights, and a WMB

So, I am wondering about that letter in thursday's gateway about the 'SU protests' by someone called TJ Keil. Apart from his reasoning, which defies logic and insults my intelligence, I really want to tell you a completely unrelated little story:

Say, it's sometime last summer, and my roommate introduces me to this guy called, say, JT Leik. He's a buff guy, full of testosterone, and proceeds to take us both out to see a movie, say Kresh II. He tells me many fascinating stories about his daddy's WMB, and how he would never drive any other kind of vehicle. We have a few unpleasant conversations about politics, and on the way back from the movie, he runs two, I repeat, 2, red lights. Both accidentally. I am quite relieved to arrive home safe, and haven't spoken to him since. My roommate still talks to said JT Leik, and happens to tell him I was part of those "silly protests"(really, I should put separate quotation marks around "silly" and "protests", to make clear that those events were neither silly nor protests). Last thing I heard, he crashed his daddy's WMB.

But let's get back to that letter in the gateway and away from this completely unrelated story. What could possibly have motivated TJ Keil to write said letter?


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