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Friday, April 01, 2005

Writing teacher update!

I am walking to my classroom in Humanities from HUB. My teacher comes from the other direction. We are both late. I walk a bit faster. He speeds up his step. I speed mine up some more. He starts running, reaches the classroom before me, and closes the door in front of my face. When I try to enter, I can't, because, of all things, he is holding the door closed from the inside.

Two days later.

I am on time(hear, hear). As my writing teacher approaches the class room, I close the door and hold it closed.

[imagine tug-o-war between me and a thirty-something, mostly bald bespectacled man in a flannel and a second-hand leather jacket]

I let go. He comes in, and pouts. But guess what the reason is for his annoyance at me? Well, here's what he said:

"Get your own joke."

Other than that, I am happy to let you all know that the best grade he ever gave out this year was A-. Out of 80 essays handed in to him so far, 4 received that grade, and 2 of them were mine. Unfortunately, those two A-s were all in the fall term, and I followed them up in the winter term with two mediocre Bs. Might have something to do with the fall term focusing on logical, coherent, grammatical and analytical writing, whereas the winter term is all that creative shit.

Oh, and should anyone doubt he's funny and/or a hard marker and/or lazy, read this .


Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[9:23 PM, April 01, 2005]
made me laugh. (and you don't even know me)

- nina
Blogger Catrin wrote:
[12:04 AM, April 02, 2005]
Well, do you know me, or are you just some random visitor? And, if you liked this, you should look in my archives- this isn't even close to the funniest incident concerning my writing teacher that I blogged about in the last few months.
Anonymous n i n a wrote:
[7:00 PM, April 02, 2005]
1. Heather Smith is a debaty friend of mine, and I saw you and Steve at Nats.
2. Reading makes me happy... and so do archivse.

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