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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Friends and 1000 raw eggs(approximately)

Yes, this is going to be a sentimental post. But I'll try to make it amusing/sentimental, so hang on, all you cynical people.

So, Saturday was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable days I have had in my life. I went to Chris Chan's tea party. Yes, a tea party.
I got to spend the day with 3 of my favourite people in the world(they all crack the Top20, and that includes family), and we just sat there for hours, drinking tea, eating delicious food, talking, and, inevitably, peeing. Well, no, not while sitting there, obviously, but you get the idea. Every half an hour, Chris Chan pulled out some different delicious dish(Samosas. Stuffed grape leaves. Cabbage rolls. Pasta salad. Perogies with saskatoons.Rice with mangoes, coconut milk, and avocadoes. Fried tofu sticks. Biscotti. Chocolate. Mint-orange juice. And I am sure I must be forgetting something), and every half an hour, we tried a different delicious tea(except for the "Green Gunpowder- that one was awful. I mean, uagh. Eww. *retch*).

I was just so unbelievably relaxed, and everything seemed to be going my way. I realized at this point that my life has been getting better for a while now, in almost all aspects(except for healthy eating habits. Damn those 5 pounds). I got to talk about SU things, and webboard threads, and Weakerthans concerts, and short films(One naked man...two naked men...three naked men...). I discovered that both Sam and I are gay men inside, and that Sam and I belong to a group of three people who can't tell each other apart when trying to remember who they have talked to about a specific concept, and that we both had a very embarassing liking for the TV show Roseanne as teenagers, and that we both always wanted to be like Darlene on the show, because she was boyish and sarcastic and cynical and because her boyfriend was cute and geeky and therefore, hot.

To sum up, it was like a mini vacation, and I felt like moving in.

We gave the evening a glorious finish by rewatching the ingenious Engg week movie night's uncontested winning film "A Midsummer Byte's Dream"(you should all get a copy of it on DVD- I totally kick ass in it. Literally).

Quotes of the night:

Sam Power:"What's that cake called that has cream cheese in it?"

Chris Chan: "Cheese cake?"

Sam Power: "Uhm...right."

Myself: "Is he caucasian?"

Chris Chan:"No, he's in Engineering."


I woke up late. In a foul and broody mood. I spent most of my day moping around unproductively. In the evening, my totally insane friend Andros was supposed to come over for his birthday present, which entailed Sushi and movies. And so it came to pass that I should have my first Sushi experience.

What can I say? I am a huge sucker for new experiences. I really am. I ate all kinds of fish in the shape of sushi, maki rolls, and something called Dragon Eyes, which was hands down the most beautiful food I have ever ingested. I had some of the best Japanese green tea I have ever tried, even though I was somewhat surprised by its intense nutty flavour.

Andros and I sat at the bar and watched all kinds of Sushi being prepared, and when we enquired about some beautifully spotted pocket sized eggs, we were offered a seaweed roll to try. Now, this roll consisted of about a thousand raw eggs, 999 of which were fish eggs, and one of which was a beautiful quail's egg, sitting right on top of all the fish eggs in its shiny orange glory. What can I say? I put in in my mouth. The little fish eggs were quite hard in texture, and made little popping crunchy noises while I ate them. The quail's egg gave the whole concoction a creamy texture. To my great surprise, it was most enjoyable.

...and guess what I had for dessert?

Green Tea Ice cream. It was hands down the best ice cream I have eaten in a long time, and tastes nothing like you would expect, all the while still really tasting like ...well, green tea. Fascinating....

Afterwards, we rented Collateral. Which wasn't a bad movie, but a lot worse than I expected. Predictable, and cheesy, in a been-there-seen-that-cynical-serial-killer-with-a-bad-childhood-kidnaps-a-loser-cabdriver-and-forces-the-cab-driver-to-drive-him-around-while-killing-people-all-the-while-teaching-the-cab-driver-to-be-more-confident-which-turns-out-to-be-the-killer's-downfall-when-alas!-the-woman-who-is-his-next-victim-turns-out-to-be-the-cab-driver's-love-interest-and-the-cab-driver-decides-to-use-his-newfound-confidence-to-kill-the-killer kind of way.

To sum it up: Blegh.

Although,on second thought, there *was* one good quote:

"You killed him!"
"No, I shot him. The bullet killed him."

There is something *about* smartass serial killers. And schizophrenic mathematicians. When they're played by Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe, respectively.

But anyways, what I was originally trying to get at: I had a good time. I felt comfortable. My brooding mood was minimized. I put things back into perspective.

Thanks, Andros, Chris, and Sam. You're all so beautifully weird in your own ways.


Blogger Andros wrote:
[10:37 AM, February 21, 2005]
Catrin, thank you again. Rarely do I have the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, yet you manage to fill my world with them. You are definitely my Louie and I am so much the Lestat. (Really, how many people do you know laugh at the idea of soccer players being killed in Latin America for failing to score in a penalty shoot-out. I know that it is evil to laugh at such an idea but thinking about all the professions in the world, it is hard to comprehend the notion that being a soccer player would become so hazardous to your health? hmmm...)

Sushi always makes me happy. I love the experience of treating your food with so much respect. Thank you again for sharing Japanese food and watching Collateral with me. I still think that line in the movie was so hilarious,....."No, I shot him. The bullet killed him." My body laughs just thinking about it.

Dziękuję - Thank you.
Blogger Sam wrote:
[4:50 PM, February 21, 2005]
thanks for reminding me of all the great people in my life.
Anonymous Chris wrote:
[6:54 PM, February 21, 2005]
дякую, as well. I'm glad you had a relaxing time. We shall all have to take a trip over to Chinatown (a few blocks from my house) to purchase a cheap, non-dubbed DVD of Shaolin Soccer, for to watch together. We can get some glass trinkets, starfruit and Chinese bakery goods while we're there.

Your description of the eggs sounds exquisite... I'd like to take a photograph of that.
Anonymous Steph wrote:
[4:18 PM, February 24, 2005]
Mr. Chan should really give cooking lessons. My all this food sounds good.

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