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Monday, February 07, 2005

I am *so* mad at myself...

...why do I second guess myself? Why do I change the answer on my Econ assignment after a lengthy discussion, when I still think I am right, just because three other people oppose me?


There go seven points. SEVEN.

This is the worst mark I ever got at university- 65%.
And why? Because I thought, well, if Ross, and according to Ross Mustafa, and two other guys who happened to be in the classroom when we discussed it, all think it goes this way, then it must.

Well, guess what? Bulls**t.

It wasn't even that they were wrong, it was about interpreting the question. I realize that with their interpretation of the question, their answer would have been correct. But when it comes to interpreting written things, I am usually right, where usally stands for always.


(Note: I am not mad at anyone but myself for changing an answer for no other reason than peer pressure. That is just so not me. Well, then again, I *did* shake my fist across the class room at Ross when I realized that I would have been right. Uhm, sorry, I guess.)


Blogger Prus wrote:
[6:50 PM, February 07, 2005]
Yes i fucked up....That is why i said i don't like doing group work on assignments and why i told you in the council meeting when you asked for my help that i don't like doing that sort of thing.

That said i was sure i was right and i fucked up too....it happens and its worth such a small % that it prob won't effect your mark....still sorry
Anonymous Anonymous wrote:
[12:05 AM, February 09, 2005]
A moral of the story perhaps would be to never believe Ross, since he is on crack half the time but hides that fact due to being so damn convincing.;)haha.

Leah "has way too much fun making fun of her friends" Bennett

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