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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Click here and find out...

...why Dan Savage has just dropped about 3 spots in my men-I-would-marry-even-though-I-don't-believe-in-marriage list.

What did he do, you ask? He misuses the term 'ironically' in his current column. Oh, Dan, I would have expected better from you.


Blogger Steve wrote:
[12:57 AM, December 03, 2004]
I find amusing that you perceive the major obstacle to you marrying Dan Savage to be the fact that you don't believe in marriage, and not the fact that he's gay.
Blogger Catrin wrote:
[2:17 PM, December 03, 2004]
If you had read my post properly, you would have realized that the obstacles rank as follows:
1. He used 'ironically' incorrectly.
2. I don't believe in marriage.
3. He's gay.

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